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Community has always mattered to me - the solidarity among the everyday laymen, the gathering of independent people for a common cause, the places that matter to them. No matter how ordinary, it matters where people grow up, where they laugh, the feelings attached to their experiences as a whole.


In my time, I’ve been very active in the greater community - I’ve had my own design studio, taught children at various public schools, held charity shows, and exhibited in galleries all over the city. As active as I’ve been, I’m concentrating on polishing and refining a more introspective message. I want to create empathy, so that anyone who views my expressionist landscapes and figures can feel what it’s like to part of the scene, the gathering, and the communal spaces. 


I paint with acrylic on gessoed plexiglass using a technique I’ve developed for myself. My work has evolved from direct observations of nature to a more colorful expression of emotion. It is an invitation for the audience to let themselves feel immersed in the positive environment of my work. 

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